Toto Steubesand’s Legacy: Leaving a Lasting Impact on Business and Society


Toto Steubesand is an exceptional entrepreneur who understands the value of running a business and developing others who share his passion for success. In 2013, he became the CEO of ZST Security Service Consulting and Technology GmbH, located in Bordesholm, northern Germany. Toto utilized his extensive experience in a family laundry business and the German Navy to transform ZST Security into a company that many customers love and rely on.

Taking over a business can be a daunting task, but Toto Steubesand was not deterred. He had enough confidence in himself to persevere and maintain the company’s high standards of excellence. ZST Security provides top-notch security services that protect clients’ homes and their families’ lives and privacy. The company installs new alarm systems, window locks, personal protection, and detectives to investigate suspicious events at a person’s home. Toto and ZST Security’s top-secret process build client trust, ensuring that clients feel safe and secure in their own homes.

Moreover, Toto Steubesand’s company offers self-defense courses in partnership with his martial arts academy, AbwehrKraft, to help people defend themselves in life-threatening situations. These courses equip individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to handle potentially dangerous situations, which is a critical life skill in today’s world. In addition, ZST Security uses cutting-edge security technology to send a security team to the home immediately if an alarm is triggered. This ensures that clients receive timely and efficient assistance in case of an emergency.

ZST Security’s philosophy is based on the belief that one’s private space is a sanctuary that must be protected. Toto and his team go beyond the traditional chauffeuring services by providing trained bodyguards and allowing the client to choose between a minibus and limousine. The company’s goal is to make service users feel safe and arrive at their destination securely. Furthermore, Toto and his team will also watch over kids who go to school, the park, a friend’s house, or the subway for worried parents. This added service demonstrates the company’s commitment to its clients’ safety and well-being.

Toto Steubesand is a brilliant businessman who knows how to build a successful company and inspire those around him to do the same. ZST Security is now among the most reputable in the northern German security industry thanks to his leadership, focus on customer satisfaction, and implementation of innovative security technology. Toto and his team have built their business on the belief that one’s home is a sacred sanctuary that must be guarded at all costs, and this philosophy has led to the company’s continued success and expansion.


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