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Groove to the Beats of the Dizzle723’s Newest Release, ‘SO HEARTLESS’



The talented hip-hop artist Dizzle723 has released a jaw-dropping music video titled “SO HEARTLESS”, bringing to light the deeply innovative mind of the artist.

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Compton, Jun 13, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Rekindling the true essence of hip-hop, the promising star on the musical horizon, Daren Robinson, professionally known as Dizzle723, has released his new music video SO HEARTLESS, collaborating with the talented Big Prod and DonTwon. The production brings in the perfect blend of authenticity, innovation, and emotions, leading to a powerful impact that intrigues and engages listeners in a trippy ambiance of contemporary music. The crisp and finely crafted sound design brings to light a captivating vocal integrity that becomes the trademark of the artist’s creations as the stylish anthem finds its roots in universal themes, enabling listeners to connect with him on a deeper level.

The first thing that strikes the audience about the video is the unorthodox opening where the artist is seen having a conversation with his therapist over the phone where he opens up about the flashbacks that had been haunting him and asks for her help. As soon as she realizes the cruciality of the situation she comes over as the viewers are greeted with the disclaimer “This story is based on True Events”, which instantly piques their interest and lets them know that the song is going to give them an honest peek into the depths of the artist’s psyche and his vulnerability. The entire narrative then flows as the singer gives his therapist the account of what has been eating away at his heart, which takes the representation of the singer along with Big Prod and DonTwon enacting the scenes as it takes place in his mind. This truly creative stance in which the music virtuoso presents his song for maximum effect stands as testimony to his adroitly brilliant mind.

The urgency in the artist to pour his heart out is portrayed perfectly in the smooth lyrical flow that meanders its way through the complex bars, presenting the audience with contagious energy, catchy hooks, and poetic reflections. SO HEARTLESS stands tall on its depth of theme as it openly portrays issues like mental health and PTSD in a thoroughly melodious track, and therein lies the enormity of Dizzle723 as an artist. Check out this brilliant masterpiece on YouTube along with tracks like “Mama I Can’t Breathe” which is a battle cry song addressing police brutality against black and brown people, where he collaborated with Big Prodeje, Cali Pitts, and LV, and “Good Times”, where he was featured, from The Prodeje Project album that was released in 2020. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.

Watch this Music Video ‘SO HEARTLESS’ by Dizzle723 on YouTube:

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