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Diving Deep in Innovation, Garrett Welldone Drops Four Thought-Provoking Numbers


Garrett Welldone

The promising music artist Garrett Welldone has released 4 new tracks titled ‘Adderall’, ‘Ritalin’, ‘Dexedrine’ and ‘Vyvanse’, representing ADHD through music.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Toronto, Ontario Jun 21, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Creating an innovative fusion of different Jazz Samples, the talented music artist Garrett Welldone has released four new tracks: ‘Adderall’, ‘Ritalin’, ‘Dexedrine’ and ‘Vyvanse’, each of which brings an intriguing flow of unpredictable melodies and catchy rhythms, keeping listeners on their toes throughout. Relying on the unique concept of presenting the symptoms of ADHD in the form of music, the songs appear to be summing up a trippy listening experience, but on closer observation deal with something that goes much deeper than that. This depth of his artistic caliber is what sets the tracks apart and gives the artist a solid foundation when it comes to his music.

What makes each of the songs so intriguing is that none of them allows the listeners to maintain a steady emotional flow throughout, shifting gears at alternative cuts, making ‘Adderall’, ‘Ritalin’, ‘Dexedrine’, and ‘Vyvanse’ games of incalculable twists. At the same time, it also gives the audience a vivid picture of the minds of those who are inflicted with ADHD, provoking a sense of empathy and understanding, and thereby assuming the role of music with a purpose. Crafted on the OP-1 by Teenage Engineering, the tracks become the legacy of an immensely understanding and creative mind capable of pouring out his emotions into his art and setting the bar high for future releases. Check out these groovy musical gems of Garrett Welldone on Spotify, along with his other tracks like ‘Midnight Flex’ and ‘Jazz Flow’. His music is also available for streaming on Apple Music and YouTube. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter for more updates.

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