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15-Year-Old Award-Winning Singer Summer Bennett Gives Playlists a Refreshing Makeover


Summer Bennett

The talented 15-year-old award-winning singer Summer Bennett turns out to be a shining star on the Pop horizon with singles like “Sirens” and “Carsick” in her repertoire.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Paradise, Newfoundland and Labrador Jun 28, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Soulful simplicity comes together with heartfelt songwriting in the creative gems dished out by the innate musical soul and award-winning artist, Summer Bennett, as seen in her songs “Sirens” and “Carsick”. Each song brings with it a distinctive musical flavor that attests to the artistic diversity and authenticity of the singer, while at the same time, it bears the undeniable identity of her seasoned vocal maneuvers, showcasing outstanding potential, that sweeps listeners into an all-engulfing soundscape of unforgettable musicality. The timeless sound design with an impressive twist of modern reflection and character sets the bar high for the future releases of this 15-year-old musical prodigy.

Creating an immersive soundscape of easy listening, “Sirens”, produced by Matt Dines of Hurricane Music, shows a dynamic weave of intermittently rising and falling rhythms with a sense of purpose at its center. The emotive lyrical flow represents the depth of passion that the artist wishes to convey to the listeners and creates a sense of universal appeal, while the vocals take on a shoegaze-like effect taking the audience into a poetically contemplative zone. “Carsick”, on the other hand, takes on a whole different personality that instantly removes all sense of somnolence from the atmosphere, instilling the audience with contagious energy with the catchy hooks and bold bars aimed to uplift and rejuvenate. Each of the two songs not only brings Summer Bennett‘s sensational vocals to the forefront but also establishes her credibility as a well-rounded performer and creative powerhouse. Check out the two songs along with her new single “Rust” on Spotify. Her songs are also available for streaming on Apple Music and YouTube Music. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube for more updates.

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