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Celebrate USA Independence Day and Enjoy a Flat 15% off On Spotify Promotion Service from the Tunes Club


Get a 15% discount on The Tunes Club’s Spotify promotion Service as the company is celebrating USA Independence Day, starting from the 4th of July till the 11th.

Spotify Promotion Service

The Tunes Club is worldwide known for its Spotify promotional services at an affordable price. The company has become one of the most reliable and trusted names in the industry, providing instant and impactful services. Now the company is starting its USA independence sale on 4th July on its Spotify promotion Service where clients can get a straight 15% discount. The Tunes Club has gained the trust of the industry as it provides 100% authentic and organic promotional service. The website has helped several artists, musicians, lyricists, producers, and record labels promote music with Spotify playlist promotion. Now clients can get a flat 15% discount on the playlist submission and organic Spotify promotion starting from the 4th of July and will go on till the 11th of July.

The Tunes Club offers organic Spotify playlist submission to several Spotify playlist curators with more than 200K Spotify followers. It provides the artists with instant promotions and increased reach. The website offers several packages to clients from which they can choose which package works best for them. The first package is titled the ‘Spotify Marketing Package‘ which is a tried and tested promotional campaign. This package offers to add the tracks to more than 60 curated Spotify playlists, which will give the artists or musicians at least 3000-3500 listeners. A single Spotify track is promoted here and the campaign will also strengthen itself by creating social media buzz.

The second package is called ‘Spotify Promotion Pack‘, which will let the musicians add 2 tracks to over 90 curated Spotify playlists. At the same time, the track will be shared on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This whole campaign will give the clients around 7000-7500 listeners along with online engagement. Additionally, apart from growing the tracks’ audience originally, the website also offers a Paid Press Release Distribution with this pack. The third package, ‘Spotify Marketing Pro Pack‘ will let clients promote a total of 3 tracks at the same time to over 120+ curated Spotify playlists. The promotional campaign will generate up to 10,000-11,000 listeners along with complete engagement for the track. The Tunes Club through these packages usually targets the audience according to the musical track. The third package on the website also comes along with Paid Press Release Distribution and a Music Blog. Lastly, the fourth package, ‘Spotify Promotion Pro Pack‘ will let musicians add a total of 4 tracks to more than 180 curated Spotify playlists. This package will target the audience according to the track along with social media promotions that will generate the client around 14,000-15,000 listeners along with engagement. This package is the ideal one if the musicians want to grow the track organically as it also comes with a Paid Press Release Distribution, a Music Blog, and one Artist Review.

The Tunes Club is known for its fast service and reliable customer service. The company has been in the industry for quite some time, gaining all the knowledge and experience that it is now using to help artists grow authentically on Spotify. The online music streaming platform holds the biggest market share in the industry, which means growing big on Spotify will lead to the artists gaining immense popularity and reach in the industry. So be a part of The Tunes Club’s family and use the offer of a flat 15% discount now. Celebrate this USA Independence Day with the website and take your career to its height. Take part in the sale starting from 4th July till 11th July.

About the company:

The Tunes Club, known for its fast, reliable, and affordable Spotify promotion Service has become a trusted promotional website in the industry. Visit https://www.thetunesclub.com/ to know the details.


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