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Enjoy the luscious mix in ‘Play the Beat Remix’ recently released by Myimage Sounds


Myimage Sounds

‘Play the Beat Remix’ is the recent single of the band Myimage Sounds and with this refreshing track, Myimage Sounds is offering an absolute blast for its audiences.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Melbourne, Victoria Oct 4, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – People who are into EDM or electronic music have a keen interest in beat and sound mixing. The numerous opportunities that a beat mix offers are not only loved by the musicians but the audiences and listeners also appreciate the refreshing compositions. This is exactly what Myimage Sounds aimed for with its newest single and according to the listeners, it has indeed hit the spot. The newest release, ‘Play the Beat Remix’ is among the widely growing tracks on music platforms and offers a complete party for the fans. Reaching a broader audience pool with every release, Myimage Sounds did not disappoint with its new musical creation that offers liveliness, vibrancy, and perkiness.

Mickey and Ora have always been interested in making music and found the art form to be what he/she is most passionate about. The artists’ discography is about joyously making music that makes them happy and they intend that the listeners also join the similar vibe. It is not only EDM or electronic music, the artists’ style. Mickey and Ora immense versatility and talent also reaches different music genres like Hip-Hop, dance-pop, and synth-pop. Myimage Sounds is famed for crafting unique, catchy, and fast-paced compositions which reached a new height with this single.

‘Play the Beat Remix’ is an original catchy remix that will transcend the audience to a new ambiance, a new, much fun vibe. The vibrant beats of the single are not only attracting listeners from all over the world but are also taking them to the dance floor. You can enjoy some of Myimage Sounds‘ previous releases such as ‘See Your Body (Radio)’, ‘Play the Beat’, ‘All About’, ‘Summer’, etc. on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and many more. To get the daily updates, follow the artist on Facebook, and Twitter.

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