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Maddness Drops an Eclectic Soundtrack ‘Touchdown Play Remix’



‘Touchdown Play Remix’ by the hip-hop artist Maddness leaves the listeners awe-struck with his instantly engaging and uplifting soundtrack. Leaving the fans excited.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Washington, D.C, District of Columbia Jan 13, 2024 (Issuewire.com) – In the times we live today, many people are led astray due to the corrupt messages displayed in songs, on television, and in their own backyards. Most materialistic Hip Hop artists follow trends, but Maddness crafts deep thought-provoking messages in his music to ignite change amongst people of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds from all walks of life. His music stands for reality and the hidden truths about life that many need to hear because people relate to what is real. The hip-hop artist is laced with reality-based situations he has truly committed to making music from the heart. During his journey in gaining the respect of a talented independent artist from the District of Columbia, SE, he stays true to his calling by continuing to represent those in the struggle searching for a positive way out while maintaining one’s soul.

In the 90’s at an event hosted by Steph Luva and DJ Flexx of 93.9, he won a $500 prize at the contest out of approximately 87 contestants at the Crossroads Night Club in Maryland. He continues to travel to other parts in the Maryland, DC, and Virginia areas perfecting his performance show appearances, but now he is positioning himself to tour around the world to get his brand, Darkcap meaning dwelling as reality Kings centered Around Poverty message out to the masses. The hustle continues. Touchdown Play Remix is the perfect Super Bowl Anthem. Initially intense, later evocative and inspiring, ultimately driven and devoted to its sense of anarchy and freedom from the norm.

The magnificent artist won many talent shows and completed his first CD and several mixtapes at an early age. This new single ‘Touchdown Play Remix’ is a high-energy, Game-time Motivation song about scoring touchdowns, and winning Football games, being that we’re in the Playoffs. Several other tracks by Maddness like ‘Sweet Lady’, ‘Deception’, ‘Never Giving Up (feat. Sandy)’ and many others, are easily available on Spotify. The music tracks throw caution to the wind when it comes to genre and elevate his impassioned performance in an exceptional captivating way. Follow the immense talent on Facebook and Instagram.

Let’s listen to Maddness’s new track ‘Touchdown Play Remix’ only on Spotify: 


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