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Groove to New Milford Pop Singer, Kevin C. Browne’s Latest Pop Track ‘I Wish I Knew -Remastered’


Kevin c. Browne, a New Milford Pop Singer delivers interestingly exceptional yet smoothly-weaved latest music project ‘I Wish I Knew -Remastered’.

Kevin C. Browne

Initially melodic in its ambiance and delicacy, the artist soon impresses with its vocal character and expression. With the mixing of poetic imagery and personal references, as the hook kicks in, the track takes on a completely new presence and persona. Kevin C. Browne promises an exceptional balance of accessible, classic pop and the defiantly more distinct angle of poetic analogy and imagery, the musician captures attention for its title and holds onto that attention with the authentic vehemence of the writing and production. Deeply atmospheric pop composition meets with breezy and soulful vocals for a rock-fused single that is as energetic as it is mood-setting and finally boosting.

Designed to inspire and deliver positive energy and strength when you need it the most, the New Milford Pop Singer connects with equal parts delicacy and boldness for the evocative and uplifting soundscape ‘I Wish I Knew -Remastered’. The artist introduced a welcomed edge of playful yet poetic creativity and delivered the energetic single with increasing passion and depth. Structurally the soundtrack explodes into new life for its halfway drop into the second verse, the arrangement excels here, a sudden warmth subtly presenting an elephant sound effect before elevating the performance and the simultaneous evolution of the lyrics. The brilliant blending of warming bass, euphoric synths, and cascading vocals creates a stunning twist on the authentic format.

The United States-based artist has produced several majestic traps like ‘Vintage Carolina Christmas Snow’, ‘Sugar Blues Reimagined’, ‘Leaving Me So Lonely’, and ‘The Age of Robots’ which have managed to gather the attention of music enthusiasts across the world. All of the magnificent music traps are available on several online streaming platforms such as SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, website, and YouTube. The arrangement is stunning, expressive yet gentle and versatile, and even powerful when required. Balancing a strong groove and classic boosting chord pattern, the style ultimately akin to the likes of melody revolves around its depth and meandering verses with bright, beautiful, and catchy verses. Kevin C. Browne delivers an unmistakable vocal style. Eclecticism is a key part of the pop artist profile and the artist seems to have mastered that in a subtle yet effective way throughout the latest project ‘I Wish I Knew -Remastered’. If you do not want to miss out on any information about the gigantic talent do not forget to follow the artist on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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