Vietnamese business group gets funding through Argo Germany


DONE GROUP incorporation

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Heidelberg, Jun 17, 2019 ( – ARGO INTERNATIONAL GmbH Germany has recently arranged bank instruments for DEVELOPMENT OF NATIONAL ECONOMIC GROUP Vietnam in order for DONE GROUP to obtain credit lines and funding through collateralization and monetization of these bank instruments. Under this arrangement, ARGO INTERNATIONAL GmbH was able to arrange bank drafts, international commercial drafts, bank guarantees and bonds in favour of DEVELOPMENT OF NATIONAL ECONOMIC GROUP Vietnam. These bank instruments were successfully issued and are now being discounted/monetized through a Hong Kong-based financial group which is handling monetization of these bank instruments in close coordination with DEVELOPMENT OF NATIONAL ECONOMIC GROUP Vietnam. It has been a great success on the part of DONE GROUP to establish its business connection with an HK-based financial group in order for collateralization and monetization of the bank instruments arranged by ARGO INTERNATIONAL GmbH Germany. So far, the progress has been good and it is expected that DONE GROUP will be able to obtain funds from the HK-based financial group. Bank for Investment and Development in Vietnam (BIDV) has also acknowledged the on-going monetization of bank instruments by the HK-based financial group and regularly monitoring the transaction. In view of this successful funding programme, DONE GROUP is also considering to invite foreign partners to join hands in the various projects of DONE GROUP in Vietnam. ARGO INTERNATIONAL GmbH was also consulted so as to ensure that DONE GROUP is able to convince potential investors and therefore DONE GROUP requested ARGO INTERNATIONAL GmbH to launch CALLABLE CONVERTIBLE BONDS for this specific purpose. The task was implemented and DONE GROUP will now increase its capital base in 2020.  



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