With The Amazing Reward for Patrons, GTA Online Has Come Up With The Diamond Casino & Resort



Good news for all the GTA fans because the game developers have launched the GTA Online Diamond Casino & Resort. Rewards included in this game are free Penthouse Suite and Silver Status VIP Membership which is offered by Rockstar dev team. According to the news, GTA Online Launches The Diamond Casino where the players can link their Twitch Prime account to the Rockstar Social Club and they were received their price on 19th July.  However, there is great news that the deadline has been. Thus, this allowed them to recline around their Master Penthouse which includes Silver Membership.

Further, the concept of the song is similar to Other GTA games. However, Silver Status Members has the upper hand of the game by simply giving extra amenity and you don’t have to spend a cent.  By the name of Tao Cheng was helped by the casino to open the Gold Status.

Those GTA players have the Silver Status membership can assist can help the Casino owner wards off unwelcome advances from the wealthy and corrupt Texans visiting the location.  After completing the mission you will be able to unlock the Gold status. After coming to the next level membership it will include prices like new supercar livery which is for the Truffade Thrax and thus it’s matching T-shirts.

Further, the Bumps players’ membership promoted to Platinum Status with the price that is included in the Kronos Ara watch and Lucky 7s tattoo. Thus, it will gain casino chips and GTA$.

The last and the highest membership here is the Diamond which is preserved for the players who drains the tank by finishing all co-op missions. You will be rewarded when you will complete all the casino-related co-op missions which will be a livery for Annis S8ORR. When a player will finish all missions they will be gaining a new vehicle. Every player has the opportunity to play both and achieve both which will make them a part of elite players.

Rockstar, the game developer, stated that the player will be able to work together hosting as well as participating in completing the mission. One can unlock all other co-ops by completing the work on the mission strands. The reward for the game is time-bound and players will get the chance to complete the mission which will continue from July 23 to August 7. However, all the rewards will be handed from August 8 to 13.


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