A woman toll collector has been assaulted by a man in Gurgaon which has been caught on camera


In a brutal incident to happen, a woman toll collector has been punched and slapped by a man in Gurgaon when he was asked to pay Rs. 60 as a toll at a toll plaza. The incident was caught on a CCTV camera which was installed at the toll booth. The incident took place in the cyber city of Gurgaon located in Haryana province.

It happened in the morning at around 11.50 am when a man drove his car to the toll plaza in a place called Kherki Daula which lies on the Delhi Manesar route. The CCTV footage clearly shows a woman asking for Rs. 60- before the man could drive past the barriers.

The man identified himself as a resident from Shikohpur which is a neighboring village and straight away refused to pay for the toll. A forged identity card has been shown by the offender. Sohni, the woman toll collector insisted that the toll should be paid.

The person got enraged and slapped and punched the lady and pusher her behind. The accused fled way before she could alert the security personnel. Gurgaon police registered a case of assault where to nab the person a manhunt is launched.

These kinds of incidents of assault are not isolated ones as toll booth staff have face these regularly. Incidents of assaulting with stones happened quite recently.


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