Witness a Way Better Experience with a New Patch for Wolfenstein: Youngblood Game




Amongst many games that were launched this year Wolfenstein: Youngblood Game didn’t have a remarkable launch. It received average reviews from different big names including IGN. Most of the gaming lovers agree it’s a downfall in comparison to the last installments. Various factors lead to this conclusion one of them being the cast of characters that leaves you fulfilled.

The dialogue of the casts is often boring and holds your interest from any of the quest you’re on. And also your AL companion is an absolute mess. Players feel so much frustrated when they just stand and get randomly hit by enemy fire. Well, luckily, Arkane Studios is not giving up on the title. They are about to leave a much-need Patch for Wolfenstein: Youngblood Game that will improve a lot of the issues people have had with the game since it was launched.

The best part of the improvement is that your Al companion will be now smarter than ever Your Al will retreat when you take enemy fire. Therefore, you don’t need to be bothered about what they’ll do when the action gets forceful. This is not the end. According to the 1.0.5 patch notes, your AL will also be able to cure you whenever you get downed. Even though it is only a simple update, but it has a great impact on the overall gaming experience.

The bosses are also getting an upgrade they have been longing for. The perceptible bullet sponginess is being taken away and their difficulty levels have been adjusted. If you wish you can also toggle on and off enemy health bars. If you are looking for a more exotic war experience, it seems the off option has improved.  It will keep you guessing as to how many bullets you need to keep firing at the enemies.

Also, when you get access to the more difficult sections in Wolfenstein: Youngblood you’ll get the special weapon ammo. This weapon is very necessary for bigger boss fights and the difficult levels of the game.

For now, this update is available on PC, but the Xbox One, Switch, and PS4 will be getting it very soon, probably in the next couple of days. Certainly, these improvements in the game features will give Wolfenstein: Youngblood the kind of popularity it was supposed to get during its launch. For this Arkane Studios deserves the credit.

Arkane Studios took necessary steps just after going through the feedback and initiated to improve the game with these new features, where they were needed the most. It feels great to see that a developing company like this has accepted their faults and took necessary steps spontaneously. They accepted their faults and made the required adjustments and changes that were very much needed to take this installment to the next level. These updates are, however, sufficient to compel the gaming lovers to consider buying this game or come back to it if the earlier version created any kind of confusion.


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