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Jwoow Put An End To The Pregnancy Speculation With Pictures Of Her Baby Bump




Speculation of pregnancy started on social media when Jwoow walked on the red carpet in the Video Music Awards of MTV and came out in a dress that was hugging his curve as she was looking stunning. People thought that she was sporting a baby bump.


Jwoow and Zack Clayton, her boyfriend responded to the trolling that happened on social media. JWoww Addresses The Speculations She’s Pregnant by putting an end to it and meant that the assumptions were wrong and it is just not the case what people are expecting.


Things phased out in such a way as if there is nothing in the oven for Jenni barring a few delicious foods.


The star from Jersey Shore was looking stunning and was present at the award show in a beautiful yellow dress.


Zack Clayton, the wrestler boyfriend of Jwoow along with her posed for the cameras flashing during the red carpet and made it a point to post some of the pics that were clicked during the events on their platforms.


After looking at those snaps, demands came from people asking Jenni to confirm the fact that whether she is pregnant or not and said whether she is flaunting a baby bump or not.  


The caption by Zack read: ‘Her love is the most beautiful women’ and gave an expression…Aww.


It did not stop fans from making comments like, ‘She is very beautiful, but is she pregnant by any chance’. As records are set straight by Zack by mentioning all these through his IG stories.


Zack wrote saying fans not to behave as idiots as Jenni is far from being pregnant. 


It was later when a similar comment was responded to by Jwoww on her very own platform.


One of the users in social media wrote about her as a wily and cunning pregnant woman to which the TV star from the reality show answered that no, she is only a burger.


She thanked her stylist and added that from next time onwards she would avoid eating ice creams and drinking too much of wine in the weeks before.


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