Get Captivated by the Beats of the Song ‘Dyfferent Lyfe Style’ by 3 Bandz under R.G.E THE LABEL


A stylish soundscape meets with a confident vocal delivery on the latest release of the gifted artist 3 Bandz. The vocal presence of the artist on the track ‘Dyfferent Lyfe Style‘ will take a grasp of you from the very starting moment. This start gets its full value due to the awesomely satisfying end of the music. Produced under R.G.E THE LABEL, this song is already a hit on the club charts and rapidly climbing the ladders of international music charts. The track has an inexplicable flow to it that can attract anyone’s attention. This musical piece is outpoured with intensity and passion for the genre.

3 Bandz

Excellent production by R.G.E THE LABEL and an impeccable talent in the form of 3 Bandz stand tall in each moment of the track. The artist has precisely fused all those elements that are considered to be the pioneer of the hip hop genre. The rhythm speaks volume on behalf of the entire musical piece. The heavy bass and the attitude-filled lyrical delivery take the center stage in the entire project. The song takes no time in casting an effect on the listeners’ minds. A dreamlike aura leads the entire track and guides the listener through the catchy soundscape and a cool flow.

The artist has fused the best of all the elements of hip hop to craft something enthralling. There is something entrancing and entertaining about the lead vocalist that helps in connecting to the audience. The incredible balance of the elements portrays the best of this genre. The track hits many sweet spots during its amazing run. As a listener, it would be quite difficult for you to keep playing it on loop. You can listen to this track on SoundCloud and follow the music company on Twitter and Facebook. Also, know more about the artist by following him on Instagram.

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