Spread Positivity Through The Charming And Unique Game Kind Words; Now Available On Steam Platform



Playing the same kind of online multiplayer battles can become exhaustive at some point or other. Then you look to turn towards games of some other kinds. Well, the charming and unique Kind Words is out now on Steam platform and at this moment, this is probably the coolest game available.

The concept of the game is quite unique and interesting. The game allows you to type messages to real people. This is quite a special ability. The game will connect you to real people through your messages. You can provide comfort to people living in various parts of the world and spread some positivity in their lives.

The game sets off with you writing some of your concerns, which can be anything; maybe your job or a bad relationship. Your identity remains secret, so there is no possibility of anyone recognizing you or making a judgment about you.

When a user receives your letter, he or she can respond to it with positive messages. The game works as a therapy session. Every individual needs someone to share their feelings with. This game provides you with the platform through which you can come out of your problems of life and get on with it.

You can also make your messages more interesting and funny with the help of acquired cute stickers. Whenever you acquire a new sticker, you can send it to anyone and as many as you want. The message delivering the design of the game is pretty amazing too; it has a deer who takes all the requests.

You get to send and receive all these messages while sitting in a comfortable ambiance, with a piece of chill-lofi music being played in the background. The musical beats ease out your stress and make your mind comfortable while the game plays.

It would be hard for you to find a more comforting game in the market. While playing this game you don’t have to think about the controls or the story-line. You just relax in your room and send or receive positive messages through the game. It is quite an amazing game to experience and drive away all the negativity of your life.


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