Indiana Music Artist Cheno Royal has Fired Up the Ambiance with his Latest Releases


The fusion of different musical ingredients is the trend now. Many artists have given it a try but not many have been as successful as the Indiana music artist Cheno Royal. All his songs have been crafted with intensity and focus has been given to the smallest of details. The tracks give a powerful and charming introduction to Cheno’s artistry. From the bars to the soundscape, from the backdrop to the sound design, everything has been perfectly set up in his tracks. And, these beautiful blends have been successful in attracting music lovers from all over the world.

Cheno Royal

The online music playing platform SoundCloud has all of his tracks streaming but the songs that have garnered the most attention are ‘Beat It Up’, ‘Hate Me’, and ‘Move On‘. The production has been done under RCP. Cheno’s performance in the songs is captivating and has taken them to a whole different level. The rap verses of ‘Beat It Up’ will keep you hooked to its three minutes run. The beats have successfully generated a high energetic atmosphere. ‘Hate Me’ is a seductive and soulful R&B classic. The flawless vibes, the wavering bars, and the spellbinding vocal performance have raised the bar. ‘Move On’ on the other hand is designed with a spacious soundscape and a charming backdrop to accompany. Cheno’s performance in this song has provided a magical touch.

The hook present in the tracks is strikingly brilliant. The well-written words of the tracks have perfectly described the underlying statements. The more you play Cheno’s tracks, the more he will impress you. His stylish delivery and attitude have turned the heads of every music fan. Not a single track of his will let your mood down. Each track has a different flavor that is well worth experiencing. You can know more about him by following his Instagram, Facebook and Twitter page.

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