Lebanon DJ Artist Big Drew Offers Serious Grooves with his Electro Digging Musical Compositions


Big Drew

Big Drew is one of the most popular DJ artist whose compositions are definite hits. The rich sonic texture of his soundscapes flows in a fashionable way to make his tracks extremely influential. The tracks highlight the pulsating and danceable beats which make it a must-play for any party anthem. The listener gets dragged to the dance floor whenever the beats kick in. Every track lives up to the hype and goes on to solidify the Lebanon DJ artist as the fiercest DJ artist of all. Brimming with all exiting sonic elements the songs are fully groovy without any kind of deficiency. The consistent flow of hard-hitting beats pumps the temperature of the room and ticks the whole idea of making the listener dance irresistibly. His fans will enjoy the hardcore musicality that suits perfectly to any party backdrop.

Big Drew specializes in various engaging rhythms to pull off the most entertaining and upbeat tracks. His remarkable music compositions like ‘Inner Thoughts’, ‘Bang Low’, ‘No Sleep’ and ‘Rebellion’ makes the listener swing endlessly to its tune and consequently breathes life into any dull scenario. Bringing fresh, catchy, and rocking beats with every piece of music, the artist breaks ground with its pulse dropping musicality. Not for faint heart, the tracks have a whole new approach to build rhythm out of chaos and quickly become infectious with its heavy bass lines.

The Lebanon DJ artist, Big Drew builds up the ambience with well structured musical beats and the project has mastered the key to versatility. The artist’s stylish approach with unpredictable chord turns simply weaves magic with its wide spectrum of melodies. Extremely catchy to hear the addictive nature of the tracks goes forward to drill its impact on the crowd. Enjoy the tracks on Soundcloud and YouTube. Also, follow the artist on Instagram for more updates.


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Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/thebigdreww
YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv5FTX2IOcrdmePMDZsw1Ww


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