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In New Roast For Alec Baldwin Gender Reassignment Surgery Is Joked By Caitlyn Jenner




Page six has reported that other guests were fired by Jenner as she appeared on Thursday for Alec Baldwin’s Comedy Central Roast.


The former Olympic star who is 69 years old was addressing the stars who were poking fun at the surgery for gender reassignment and stated that the word ‘it’ referred to the genitalia and was responsible for making the clan of Jenner-Kardashian as one of the most successful women in the planet.


As Caitlyn Jenner Jokes About Gender Reassignment Surgery and went on joking and referred that her past life was Bruce with whom she had 10 children which are fruitful enough and may have 20 grandchildren which speak volumes of the relationship. Jenner referred to ‘it’ as something that has worked wonderfully for her.


The former Olympic star, Jenner has a joke with another panelist when she said that she has not cut ‘it’ off, rather she has just retired ‘it’. It has been previously reported that the transition was done and finished by Jenner in 2017 when two years prior in April 2015 she came out as a transgender.


Kris Jenner was once married to Caitlyn. The reassignment surgery for gender paved the way for all kinds of laughter among the co-host of Caitlyn, there were issues related to her transition within the immediate family of Caitlyn.


When the memoir was released by Caitlyn there was a feud between her and the clan of Kardashian-Jenner. The memoir was called Secrets of My Life in which Kris was accused by Caitlyn for knowing the real gender identity she has for the entire time. these allegations were however denied by Kris.


It was afterward that Kim and Khloe came out who claimed that they were absolutely 100% in support of the transition of Bruce although Caitlyn was taken to task when the dirty laundry of the family was aired supposedly in an attempt to put Kris in a bad light.


The rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan and Caitlyn were very close but things changed after the release of The Secrets Of My Life. Although on the Father’s Day, once in every year, the daughters and Caitlyn do use to meet and come together.


A picture of Kendall Jenner was accidentally posted by Caitlyn while wishing happy birthday to Kylie Jenner earlier this year when she was a child. It was caught by Caitlyn and a proper picture was posted later.


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