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In New Photo Tamar Braxton Wears Nothing As Kylie Jenner, His BF David Adefeso Has Something To Say




Tamar Braxton flaunted her gorgeous hair and stunning body as she posted it on social media as David Adefeso has something to say. The mother of one looked flawless as she posed nude with and was wearing a fancy earring.

Her boyfriend took to social media and posted a sweet message about her brains, style, and beauty, the combination of which looks extremely sexy.

Many of the fans got confused and compared her to her sister Toni Braxton. The confusion that took place was referred to in one of the social media posts as they compared both Toni and Tamar.

Another follower also compared Toni and Tomar and mentioned both of them beautiful as Tamar Braxton Like Kylie Jenner Wears Nothing.

David went on to social media and spoke about the ongoing unrest that is happening in South Africa when he said that from yesterday onward several horrifying incidents from SouthAfrica came out as foreign-owned stores are looted, 5 are dead, the cities are in chaos and hundreds of them are injured. He questioned the anger and violence against Africans in Africa. Our great leaders did not want this kind of world. The pan African revolutionary, Thomas Sankara tried to envision an Africa where everybody gets an equal chance so that their dreams can be achieved. The father of post-colonial evidence, Kwame Nkrumah supported prosperous, united and strong Africa, and the great Madiba, Nelson Mandela who dreamt of an ethnically diverse and very strong Africa and a continent that should thrive together as one peaceful entity. The world that was dreamt by the great men does not exist. On the contrary, everyone went against each other as wars were fought in between them, ethnic cleansing was done, leaders who are destructive and kleptocratic were fostered and a xenophobic eye was turned against each other and the mass displacement and killing were justified for the African women and men who are vulnerable. Then one cannot understand the road to unity and peace in Africa. The forefathers have envisioned the purpose, pride and strength and one have to understand it. during 1957 March while attending the independence ceremony Ghana, Martin Luther King enthusiastically praised whatever lessons he has learned about the pride of Africans that is quite intense which beliefs in the fact that all men are equal as they are created equally. From that day in the year 1957, when the Independence of Africa started to become a reality finally a purpose of very strong sense was infused in Africans and in order to govern themselves there was a strong sense of determination so that the continent becomes a better place. after almost four hundred years when in Jamestown the slave ship of the Dutch landed we went on to reflect on the resilience and strength of the Africans which is exhibited by them to survive for no less than 246 years of torturous and cruel conditions and stand tall after all these. The ideals that are put forward had to be reconnected with to understand the strengths that we possess to rise above all differences from the past. According to the great Madiba that no one hates the other person’s skin color, background, and religion. One should learn to hate and as one learns to hate they can be taught the way to love as love is a natural feeling and is close to the human heart than hatred.


Tamar’s partner is very conscious it seems.





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