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Fastplumber SG Kickstarts 24-Hour Service From October 31, 2019


“Owner says midnight calls for emergency assistance caused immediate 24/7 operations”

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Singapore, Oct 30, 2019 ( – FastPlumber SG, one of Singapore’s leading plumbing companies, announces its extension of operations to 24/7 starting October 31, 2019. The announcement came yesterday, October 29th in time for the last quarter of the year. This move is unprecedented in the whole two-decade history of the company’s existence.

FastPlumber SG has been providing plumbing services to all regions, districts, and towns of Singapore. Their wide range of plumbing services include sink & tap replacement, pipe burst repair & replacement, manhole choke services, water heater replacement, toilet bowl choke job, floor trap choke repair, kitchen sink and basin choke repair, as well as tap and piping leaking services.

With the increasing demand for their services following the expansion of their operations in the whole of Singapore, Fast Plumber SG also announces that it will start operating 24 hours by the end of October.

Starting as a small company with a handful of plumbers, Fast Plumber SG opened its doors to Singapore’s plumbings needs in 2001. Almost twenty years ago, the small start-up business operated within a single town, catering to homeowners residing therein. But as the business gained customer trust and referrals, its expansion of operations came about. Later on, they started working for neighbouring towns and cities, and their clientele extended to business owners and industrial customers.

With two decades of experience in the area of plumbing, Fast Plumber SG started to venture into more complicated plumbing jobs such as manhole choke restoration for communities. Consequently, the company had to undergo another expansion by adding more places to their service areas in order to include western and southern Singapore. The most recent expansion of operations happened in 2015, barely four years ago.

Just this year, the company steps into another expansion program by extending their period of daily operations to 24 hours and 7 days a week. Previously, the company only operated from 9:00 in the morning until 7:00 in the evening from Monday to Saturday. But now, the management of Fast Plumber SG decided to push the hours to its maximum following the increasing demand for their services, especially in the wee hours of the night.

Amy Soh, owner of the plumbing company in Singapore, says “Fast Plumber SG’s move to extend the operational hours to 24/7 had always been part of the plan. But we never thought that it will be this soon. We had anticipated the extension of hours to be implemented in the mid of 2020, but the customer demand couldn’t wait any longer. Our decision to implement the 24/7 operations grew more imminent as our hotline, website, and social media accounts kept receiving lots of enquiries for emergency plumbing assistance in the middle of the night.”

He further explained that they have added more plumbers to their pool of workers since the second quarter of 2019. They have also worked out employee skills training over the same period of time in order to ensure that, “services will be delivered efficiently, effectively, and accurately no matter what time our plumbers are called to serve.”

For any questions about the expansion of Fast Plumber SG’s office hours, call their hotline at +65 9638 7575 or visit their office at 39 Woodlands Close # 04-60 Mega Woodlands, Singapore 737856.


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