The UNGA votes highly to condemn America’s economic embargo of Cuba


Image Credits – UN News – the United Nations

To condemn the American economic embargo of Cuba for the 28th year, the UN General Assembly voted overwhelmingly. The 193-member body settled at the score of 187-3, in which the US, Brazil, and Israel voted ‘no’ and on the other hand, Colombia and Ukraine abstained.

In the previous year’s voting, the body voted 189-2, in which Israel and the US voted no abstentions and ‘no’, respectively.

In the second year, Moldova did not register its vote.

Led by President Jair Bolsonaro, the Brazil government was the first among Latin American countries to register its vote against the resolution in the last five years.

Though the resolutions of UNGA are not legally applicable, it shows the opinion of the world leaders. And, through this Cuba has got the opportunity to showcase their situation due to the isolation of the US on the embargo.

According to the Foreign Minister of Cuba, Bruno Rodriguez, US president Trump has intentionally intensified the application of embargo against the other nations aggressively. And, he also stated that Trump tried to prevent shipments from arriving in Cuba. All of this was done to economically suffocate Cuba, as remarked by him.

On the other hand, US Ambassador Kelly Craft stated in front of the assembly that like all other countries the US also had the rights to choose with which country they would trade and it was a saddening fact that to protect Cuba’s sovereignty the international community was continuously challenging the country’s rights.

She also said that it was even more concerning as every year UNGA responds to the claims of Cuba that they had no other choice but to abuse their people due to the whole issue.

Cuba’s Rodriguez stated that the ministers of the US government didn’t even have the least morality to criticize any other country’s human rights. He also stated that the US government has violated a lot of human rights laws.

In July 2016, the-then Presidents of Cuba and the US, Cuba’s Rodriguez and Barack Obama had officially restored the relations between the two countries but the Trump government criticized the human rights record of Cuba.

And, in the year 2017, the US government ended the US embargo on Cuba.


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