Szandra Mayer has Created Ripples with the Scintillating New Song ‘I Want My Gift’


Szandra Mayer


Szandra Mayer is a stupendous singer who has dished out the song ‘I Want My Gift’ that has swept the audience off their feet and has been on the top position of several music charts across the globe. The vocal quotient has been amplified by the Florida music artist and has quashed a lot of myth along the way. The singer is a prodigy and is only 12 years old and has created a lot of fan frenzy at this tender age. The singer also owns a production house called ‘SVM Music Production‘. She is also a recording artist and a songwriter. She has been influenced immensely by the multicultural environment in the family she was born in. She is fluent in three major languages namely Spanish, Hungarian and English. To keep a track of the singer, you can log onto her Facebook profile.

Szandra MayerSzandra Mayer has come up with the beautiful song I Want My Gift‘ that has been crafted perfectly and has got a fresh melody. In the song, the Christmas season is embraced with all its subtlety. The pop sound here in the song is very much likable and smooth and has a calming effect. To share a friendly banter with the singer, you can check into her Twitter account. To view the videos and photos posted by the splendid singer, you can log onto her Instagram profile.

In the song ‘I Want My Gift’ by Szandra Mayer there is an aura of flamboyance and is very mellifluous. The indomitable passion in the song is cherished by the listeners and creates a longing that is fun-filled. The song is a warm-up for the Christmas season and will be a hit in this festival. Her music is streamed in trending platforms like Soundcloud. To watch the swashbuckling music videos, you can log on to YouTube.


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