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Real Heroes: Firefighter Is Revamped In A New Version And Switching To Nintendo Switch Imparting Real-Life Experience



The players of the new game Real Heroes: Firefighter are guaranteed to have goosebumps as it will not fail to deliver extreme emergency and real-life situations throughout the game. Learn The Tools Of The Trade And Face Real Life Situations with Real Heroes: Firefighter, Remastered And Coming To Nintendo Switch.

It is an action game that lets gamers to face fearful situations daily taking a test of their guts and instinctive nature. The player gets to live the real pneuma and hazards of a firefighter every day by playing Real Heroes: Firefighter.

It was first released in 2009 for the Nintendo Wii. Then an upgraded version of this game was out again in 2012 for the Nintendo 3DS, and in 2017 with a newly remastered version for pc.

Now it is up for Nintendo Switch with the latest up-gradation in graphics with the same story and gaming tools.

The game gives a basic idea of the life of a firefighter and the perils he has to face day by day. It is a first-player action game where the player will be playing as a firefighter like a real-life hero. He has to rescue people from daunting impossible situations and perform heroic moves with powerful strategies to save those victims from any dangerous situation.

The Switch gamer will start it off as a recent graduate who is new in the big city with a job at the city fire station. There only he will learn the skills and tools of the trade like a fire hose, an ax and saw, and a hydraulic spreader. Once the player learns all the tricks to use proper equipment in the right situation and save victims from blazed endangered situations, he will be ready for the real operations.

The player must put out the frightful flares of fire keeping the victims safe. He must perform sealing vats in a building, closing main valves, and searching for trapped people, just like a firefighter would do.

He tools and techniques of the game are pretty simple. As it is a first-person game, the player will have to perform major stunts in emergencies to save the day. There will be missions assigned with the player during the fire and will be connected throughout the mission with the fire chief.

To play it accurately, there is a cursor on the screen to aim the things on fire while blasting the firehose. An ax sign will be shown when the gamer aims that cursor at something that is breakable, like a window.

The mission of the game will be in the index in the left corner at the top of the screen with a properly guided map of the affected area in the right corner. The cursor will be in the middle with the dialogue box at the bottom of the screen.

The nature of the fire is AI-based which makes it irregular and unpredictable event. The firefighter won’t have any clue about when and where a deadly fire can occur which makes it more practical and real like a real deadly situation around us. The gamer will eventually unlock Career Mode that has nine tough levels with different missions and maps added to it.

Real Heroes: Firefighter will be out on November 27 for Nintendo Switch. Good news for the games as they can save $10 if they pre-order it immediately from the Nintendo e-shop. Currently, it costs only $4.99 added with around 25 Gold Points.


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