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Princess Maker; Go! Go! Princess Now Has A Release Date For Nintendo Switch Owners

    Another Princess Maker game is getting a worldwide release. Princess Maker: Go! Go! Princess North American release date announced. CFK has now formally dropped the news about the release date for Nintendo Switch owners outside of Japan. They had previously announced the release date for Princess Maker: Faery Tales Come True and both the titles have the same release date digitally. The Princess Makers series has a very interesting plot where the player gets the charge of raising a daughter and depending on the decisions made by the…

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Predator Is Back In A Fresh Style To Provide The Ultimate Gaming Experience

    The cinematic world and comic universe have witnessed an incredible liking for the Predator. It’s not tough to see the growing attraction behind this as the Yaujita have been portrayed as a unique alien tribe who are shown proficient for sport running. Automatically, this grabs the attraction of the gamers. The Yaujita, as described earlier, travels in different worlds  and takes down the most strenuous tasks to accomplish which the planets offer them. In movies, they are shown as possessing tremendous strength with prolific hunting skills. There are…

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