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Kobe Bryant’s Might Get A Street Named After His Shocking Death Last Sunday




The death of the late Lakers alum Kobe Bryant has certainly created a deep void in the hearts of the people residing in the city of Los Angeles. So, it’s not surprising that the LA city officials are thinking of ways to honor the ace basketball player. According to TMZ, the city is considering to name a street after him.

Kobe Bryant may get a street named after him in Los Angeles and as per TMZ, the LA City Council members have already initiated the conversation regarding the same. According to one insider to claims to have spoken with the outlet reveals that the council members might set up a special area in Kobe’s honor which would be right across from the Staples Center, the place where the basketball performed for two decades.

Although all these plans still seem to be floating in the air, it can be expected that something much more concrete should be happening by the next week. Apart from this, The LA Lakers are scheduled to come back to the Staples Center on Friday for a match against the Portland Trail Blazers.

The game which has been scheduled on Friday would mark as the basketball team’s first on-court appearance since the loss of Kobe Bryant this past Sunday. As per the reports, the turnout for Mr. Bryant’s expiry as well as the LA Lakers can be expected to be huge. Moreover, the team is planning to honor Mamba in several other ways which would include his daughter Gianna and the seven other people who lost their lives.

The CBS Reports revealed that an investigation is still going on regarding what led to the huge crash that killed nine people at one go. As per the LA County Sheriff’s Department, the initial reports have confirmed that nobody survived the giant high impact crash.

The CBS reports further claim that there are few sure known facts including that there were no survivors from the severe crash which went down at 10.00 am, leaving nine people dead. Moreover, due to a brush fire in the area prevented some of the first responders from visiting the scene of the crash.

Since the death of Kobe, the social media has been flooded with massive tributes and comments for the player, and several celebrities even shared their experiences with Kobe either directly or indirectly. Jonah Hill has claimed that Kobe’s death reminded him of his brother’s death back in December 2017. Moreover, Hill also shared two pictures of the courtside at an LA Lakers game.


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