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Live For Class: An Instagram Page For Class, Style And Ambition.



Live For Magazine is a luxury and lifestyle media-based company, famously known for its Instagram page @liveforclass(, plus many more part of the “Live For” family.

It was founded by an 18-year-old ambitious UK based entrepreneur: Brenden Kane, who has built his online empire from his bedroom.LiveFor Class covers entrepreneurs of great influence, business tycoons, celebrities and people of important standing in society. They also cover, luxury private jets, supercars, jewelry, and timepieces.

Brenden, since reaching his prominence in the market, is also looking to expand his brand into magazines and other materials accessible for luxury fanatics.

  1. Q) How did the Live ForMagazinereach its huge luxury and lifestyle fanbase?
  2. A) It is never easy to achieve such milestones on Instagram, likewise to any other social media platform. Dedication and consistency are the key ingredients to my success. Through regularly posting and engaging with my followers, I found myself growing at a dazzling rate.

However, posting an excessive amount of content, will not allow you to reach this current level. The content I deliver is carefully created and sourced from the past, present and future. Reaching a niche market,I believe is an essential component to my success. Always remember – quality over quantity.

I have also branched out the brand “Live For” to a variety of smaller Instagram accounts, which have also seen success in their various markets, such as @liveforstreetstyle(, “Defining the Modern Day, Urban Look”.

  1. Q) What was the inspiration behind Live For Class?
  2. A) From an early age, I have always had a fine interest in “Class, Style, and Ambition”. My passion has always been focused on iconic movies, such as The Wolf of Wall Street, Goodfellas and more…Which have encapsulated the culture and lifestyle of the many millionaires and entrepreneurs of our generation. Since then, my aim has been to replicate the popular culture of affluence on a larger scale.
  3. Q) Do you believe someone can grow their page to this extent in 2020?
  4. A) Through posting superior content, anyone can certainly achieve their goal, and build their business to the same level as myself.

I also have some tips on how to grow your page:

  • Interact with your audience through Instagram stories, appealing captions and engage with your audience in the comments
  • Start with three posts daily; morning, afternoon and evening.
  • Use up to 30hashtags (appropriate for your post)
  • Use the relevant geo location
  • Post unique, yet quality content
  • Ensure your content is not a replica of other similar pages

Like I said, consistency is key like anything else in life.

  1. Q) What’s the one thing that still keeps you going?
  2. A) The love and support from my Instagram family, who have been extremely supportive in helping me build my online empire.


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