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Skyline J Makes the Audience Fall in Love with His Most Convincing Vocal Prowess in Latest Tracks


SkylineJ  YOu

R&B artist Skyline J writes and sings songs ‘Y0u’ and ‘Minutes’ that most convincingly impresses audience with its expressiveness and leaves them wanting for more.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Houston, Feb 9, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – SkylineJ hovers over the musical landscape with his mesmerizing voice that touches the listener’s heart most effectively. The way the artist molds his vocal texture to take on the theme for his latest songs is truly impressive and offers the feeling of nostalgia to the listener. Full of vivid, sprawling romantic imagery the songs leaves the audience gasping for air with its authenticity. The artist successfully establishes himself as a seductive storyteller who could write love songs that sounds ageless and relatable to all.

The songs ‘Y0u‘ and ‘Minutes‘  is a testament that Skyline J could win over the toughest of battles with his ever so evolving voice that can melt the heart of anyone. Both the songs have been efficiently crafted and world wonderfully to justify the artists a most melodious voice. The R&B artist lets the feeling of love hovering in the listener’s mind as he most sensitively sings the words with emotion and demands everyone to take the matter of heart seriously. The pulsing love records make the audience see the artist seriously as he writes the songs to provide a clear understanding of his capability.

Coming from Houston, Texas the artist has been making music since the age of 15 and his song subjects are always peace and love for females oriented. The level of personal intimacy with which the two records ‘Y0u’ and ‘Minutes’ have been recorded certainly highlights Skyline J‘s singing potential and his true passion for R&B music.  Listen to the songs on Spotify and experience the best of the artist’s voice.

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SkylineJ  Minutes

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