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The New Tetris Game Goes Big With 4 X 4; Expect The Unexpected From All The Directions Of The Game




There is big news for the fans who love to Tetris it up, regardless of the time and place. A new German Tetris has been launched into the market that is shattering the records and transforming the world into a big old block. So, fasten your seat belts to explore more about the world and everything else through a cup of Tetris fun. It is more interesting this time as crazy new funky Tetris game goes 4 x 4: expect to get hit on four different fields of play at once.

The name of the game is Schwerkraftprojektionsgerät, which is pretty hard to pronounce but it sounds so engaging. There is a secret attached to it that not all will be able to decode. Keep reading it, until the reveal gets done.

The 4 x 4 grid of this special version of Tetris is designed with blocks falling out of anywhere and that too without any irony. The gamers need to gear up their minds to tackle this type of cross-over event. So, get ready to enjoy a lifetime experience.

Basically, the user will be given a strong background that is all set to do some extremely incredible things if they want to play the cards perfectly. The players will be provided with four different fields to play the game. The gamers will need to fight through these fields, facing the four cardinal directions.

But, the players need to be careful while playing this game as this thing will gun a block down in all the directions at the same time. So, gamers need to be fully prepared. If a player shoots it down into one direction then it gets shot into the corresponding spots of the opposite side as well.

So, you got to think about it as a plot graph, in order to succeed. This is certainly the big energy stuff that the fans are talking about every time they want it to get done.

The players got to watch out for the enemies and prepare themselves for the stuff that they need to figure out. Only the true puzzle kings will be able to play the game and others will certainly struggle a bit. The players need to be really careful while going through the game.


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