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Vincelar Surprises Everyone with His Stunning Vocal Performance As He Raps In French to Impress the Audience



VincelaR takes a vividly innovative approach to deliver the genuinity of his skill and unapologetically conveys his compelling rhythms to influence the audience.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Dijon, Feb 12, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – It is not often that you get to hear an artist rapping fluently in French but for VincelaR  this is rather common. It is high time and acknowledges the great talent of this talented artist who has currently released two astonishing rap singles that includes his superfluid rap style. His charismatic personality has been displayed in the songs with full vigor as he establishes a bond with the listeners with his artistic approach. The ability to rap so fluently and impactful is a striking charisma and showcases everything from the artist’s style to character and an increasingly impressive captivating flow.

The singles ‘Dabla‘ and ‘Solitaire‘ has crossed all limits of the hip-hop and rap genre and has rightfully welcomed the artist’s method to explode with something refreshingly new. The songs beautifully display VincelaR ‘s strengths over the genre as he balances classic integrity and intention with a fresh, contemporary tone. The artist keeps the listeners on the toes as he offers multiple hooks yet always proving flawlessly united to the beats. The instrumental foundation of the songs remains impeccably appealing and ambient and the rapper upholds his on-point rapping skills amidst the effective hip-hop landscape.

Coming from France, VincelaR  maintains a steady pace all throughout and what brings up another point about his performance is his clean, clear vocal that doesn’t hide behind the catchy sound effects or volume. Both the songs ‘Dabla’ and ‘Solitaire‘ pretty much influences the audience to sink in with the artist’s effective musicality and can now be heard on Spotify endlessly. Also, follow the rapper on Instagram and Facebook for more information.

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