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The Bona Fide Artist 808BY Present Interest Sets of Events In the Rap Song ‘Never Change’ Feat. Alex G


808BY  Never Change

Rapper 808BY presents his first single ‘Never Change’ featured by Alex G and produced by RC Beats. It is dedicated to someone he cared about in the past.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Arlington, Feb 13, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Heart-broken, tarnished and revamping the soul with a positive outlook towards life as an ocean full of opportunities, a rare artist, universally claiming fame as 808BY after he is reborn through his aesthetic passion, drops his very first music video ‘Never Change’. This music video features the magical Alex G as he added his signature style of rap which becomes an unstoppable combination with the upcoming musician’s novel touch. This rap duo is presented by RC Beats.

808BY is imbibed with candor ideas as he is young and new in this musical plot. Never Change‘ is the first song he wrote and made a video out of it that has reached millions of hearts at breakneck speed. He is filled with ardent fervent of modern hip hop culture that is predominant in his first release. The idea of his debut music video was seeded when he was a broken person, shattered with a vain attempt in love. It is about all the good and bad days that he had with the person whom he loved once but lost the love in the fire of human vices. The music video has clear indications of his genuine emotions that are attached to the past relationship that did not go down well. He uses the right tempo and his poet like rap altogether to produce this captivating sound and the treat to our eyes. The words truly touch the heart at its weakest spot.

‘Never Change’ is weaved with infallible euphonious rhythms that impart an exceptional talent of 808BY on the screen. He is glad to get a chance to start his music career with his self-written track sharing space with Alex G with delighted appreciation from the critics. The video imparts strong emotions of the artist with the tinge of content self-worth pneuma. He has picked all the pieces of himself up together from the ground and is reborn again by devouring music for the past couple of years. Music helped him to escape his oblivion to nothing, coming out as strong as steel with more focus and jubilant spirit. Though his heartache helped him prepare for the threshold of success with his first released music video. He posts all the stories and news about his upcoming projects on his Instagram page.

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