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Fortel offers standard and reliable human resources for construction companies


Fortel is an amazing business is offering incredible services all around the region and will let you have durable solutions which you can trust with ease.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- West Midlands, Feb 25, 2020 ( – Fortel is a well-established construction aid company based in the United Kingdom. It specializes in supplying well experienced and professional human resources for construction companies. The services provided by Fortel, cut across Road & Motorways, Rail, Retail, Defence, Commercial Power, Utilities, Hotel & Leisure, and other construction sectors. 

Fortel, through her team of professional and well-skilled labours, has worked with many notable organizations and construction companies in the United Kingdom, including McLaren Construction, Balfour Beatty, Birse, Osborne, MOOG Aircraft Group and many more. 

The company was established by Sat Nijjer, with SurindeNijjer serving as the Chairman. Fortel provides expertise in supplying labour for every phase of a construction project, from inception through completion.

Fortel is committed to preserving the trust of her clients, workers, shareholders, and other third parties. The company takes pride in her reputation for delivering outstanding quality construction workforce, building good relationships and communication with her clients, and being open, honest, and transparent in her dealings.

Fortel believes that every project is an opportunity to develop a long-term relationship with her clients, by continually delivering the highest quality service, combined with highly-skilled team members with proven methodology and technology. They render excellent and satisfactory services beyond her customers’ expectations.

Fortel offers a wide range of services pertaining to construction through the manual skill of our employed labors. Fortel builds the very foundation from the first brick and collaborate closely with the engineers and other workers to make the project worth investing in. Fortel also contacts with dealers who sell the construction material and can supply it as per the demand of your project. 

Safety is also an essential lifeline of the company. According to the Chairman of the company, “safety is paramount to our company. We take every positive and proactive step in ensuring a safe work environment for our employees, clients, and partners. We believe that a focus on Safety contributes to overall quality. Our workers work toward producing the highest quality work, both in the field and within our offices.”

Fortel manages its laborers by providing them with high-end training and experience before referring them to you. It is ensured that they uphold the values of Fortel and do not disappoint you in any regard.

Fortel also takes her workers’ productivity and loyalty with significant regards. Relations within and outside of the company are based on trust and loyalty. Her dedication reflects in her commitment to saving clients’ money through cost-effective solutions and value-added services at a reasonable price. Fortel is relentless in upholding her standard and not compromise in delivering quality services.


Fortel is a legal compliance and accredited construction Aid Company that supply construction companies with well-trained and professional workers. It is one UK’s largest labour supplier agency to the construction industry, rendering high volumes and a swift response across the whole spectrum of labour, trades and professions. Her workers are passionate about quality service and client satisfaction. They provide a professional and genuine commitment to quality on every project, no matter the size, market, or delivery method. 

Over the course of 20-year establishment, they’ve developed three distinct operating models: 

People – individuals and teams to work under your supervision.

Projects – delivering specific contracts for a pre-agreed price.

Process outsourcing – ongoing support for your labour requirements. 

Fortel always strives to make the customers 100% satisfied and assure that they always get what they need. Here are some of the reasons why you should be working with Fortel.

  • Assured delivery
  • Technology
  • Productivity
  • Value
  • Legal compliance
  • Safety

Hard work, determination and passion of an overall team of Fortel is leading it to a more successful and brighter future. This is one of its own kind company which is always ready to serve every type and level of the project in an effective way.

For more information or enquiry, visit or send a direct mail to [email protected]

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Fortel Services Limited



33-35 Wednesfield Road Willenhall

Fortel Services Limited
Fortel is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of agency labour to the construction industry, offering high volumes and a very fast response across the whole spectrum of labour, trades and professionals.
33-35 Wednesfield Road Willenhall

WV13 1AE

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