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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, Feb 26, 2020 ( – Local real estate agent and author, Bob Boog, announced a breakthrough in the Shakespeare authorship question and points a finger directly at Shakespeare as being a literary thief and a fraud.

“For many years nobody really questioned who created the works of William Shakespeare,” claims Bob Boog, “after all, Shakespeare’s name could be found on the title page and he also acted in the plays.”

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Nowadays, Shakespeare experts have said there might be 77 claimants who might possibly be the “real” author. They suggest that before listening to anyone with an author other than William Shakespeare, to prove their claimant first. And apparently, Boog says he does just that. “I can show anyone with an open mind that there are two people involved in this debate. I have found the smoking gun to the “real” author of the Sonnets, and I can prove the man from Stratford-upon-Avon did NOT create the poems, plays and sonnets that we attribute to William Shakespeare.”

Those are big statements but Boog claims he has discovered three ORIGINAL, over-looked pieces of evidence to help substantiate his claim and they are all over 400 years old. “Usually, if a teacher has a suspicion about a student, they will ask to see evidence of the creative process, because nobody pulls an amazing sonnet, poem or play out of thin air, right? But not with Shakespeare. And if a student turned in a paper that did not resemble his previous work, most teachers would wonder what is going on. Not Shakespeare. Experts simply give him too much slack. They will tell you, “The man from Stratford was a boy-genius” but I don’t buy it. He simply took credit for the work of someone else while they were alive, and after that person died, he lied and continued to play the part of a playwright. So, two crimes have been committed, taking credit for someone else’s work and then lying about it and trying to cover it up.”

Are you interested in finding out more? If so, Boog is releasing his 45-page Amazon Kindle book “Hang Shakespeare” for FREE this Saturday February 30 – midnight March 1, 2020. It will also be available for free on March 15,2020 to celebrate the “Ides of March”.(The normal cost of the e-book is $4.65.)

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