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Inner Suspects perfectly channel their inner ideas and liberating creative impulse with ‘It Was Tried’


Inner Suspects

Sydney trip hop electronic band Inner Suspects gives an engaging listening experience with music video ‘It Was Tried’ that puts forward their unfamiliar artistry.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Sydney, Feb 27, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Inner Suspects‘ new music video is unhurried, ambient, and based out on a surreal theme that uses everything from jazzy synths to light percussion to signify the band’s most unconventional music approach. The creativity remains high as the band members conjure their adventurous tendencies with exceptional songcraft and production to impress the audience. Their latest record is a fine showcase of their most distinctive artistry that does not take much time to make the audience realize their craft play. The concept is extremely intriguing and the Sydney trip-hop electronic band explores a deep and thoughtful melody line to pull the listener out of their music comfort zone and offer them something new and refreshing.

Music video ‘It Was Tried‘ has a beautiful musical landscape that goes on to stretch a heavier meaning into it and keeps the audience engaged with its thoughtful cinematography. Band members Philip Maxwell and Damon Royds have performed impressively well and have played their role perfectly to keep the theme interesting. The track doesn’t settle for the obvious but rather explores various smooth and presentable musical chords with honesty. The song is a trip-hop vs. folk mashup that explores psychedelic themes through stunning visual art and music. Build under the label Vision Lux, the song offers a cosmic vibe that takes things together into a massively insightful direction and the lead singer ahs a slow-paced yet impactful voice that dives deep into the music to offer the final words.

Coming from Sydney, Australia, Inner Suspects‘ music is all about the chill and ethereal vibes that come along with dark undertones. They ditch the traditional song structure and world-weary lyrics for coming up with a sonically and thematically ambiguous record that feels new and striking. The music’s slow-paced flow wraps the listener in a spectral and the vocal quality suggests that the band’s potential is endless. The melody in ‘It Was Tried‘ is so in motion that it is almost impossible to pin it down and leaves the listener completely invested throughout. The band draws its inspiration from trip-hop artists like Massive Attack and more modern electric acts like Sevdaliza, Gotye, Tame Impala, and Joji. They try to focus on philosophical life matters with an introspective look and capture the audience’s attention with their creativity. Watch the full video on YouTube or check the track that is available in Spotify. Fans can now follow the band on Instagram and Facebook to know more about their upcoming projects.

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It Was Tried

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