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Juliana B Adds a Twist to the Repetitive Storytelling Culture with her Strong Voice in ‘Set Me Free’


Set Me Free by Juliana B

Juliana B embraces her latest song danceable song ‘Set Me Free’ with all sorts of enjoyable and exciting melodies that compels them to hit the dance floor.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- San Francisco, Feb 28, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – American singer/ songwriter Juliana B blends her music with an abstract electronic and danceable composition of bass thumps and house music that literally excites the audience in the most impressive manner. The singer has a unique vocal style which she uses to the best of her potential to adorn her songs. The artist fuses the most eccentric and thrill sounds to craft her music that emerges as something refreshing and enjoyable. The artist effectively adds sharp edges to her songs with her clear and dominant vocals that outline the tracks in an uplifting fashion.

Set Me Free is the latest project delivered by the singer which seems to be a surprising break from Juliana B‘s usual hard-hitting soundscapes. The artist tends to mix dance music with pop beats and the single is a feel-good disco anthem that talks about freeing oneself from the negativity spread by others. The way the singer molds her voice throughout the song is purely magical and the mellow arrangement of the beats guides the listener to the dance floor.

The artist does a brilliant job with the songwriting that cuts through the melodic mist showing precisely what her musicality is all about.  The song ‘Set Me Free’ highlights her spirited personality and the music more than lives up to the promises which the artist has been conveying with her previous compositions. The power in her voice surpasses negativity and the audience can now listen to it on Spotify. Also, follow the singer on Facebook for more information about her upcoming projects.

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