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DOG3 Just Drops an Astonishing Rap Video ‘9 Bullets’ On Youtube for the First Time


DOG3  9 bullets

The 20-years-old budding Glasgow rapper DOG3 with an unrivaled flair in hip hop rap music releases his debut music video ‘9 bullets’ on youtube in vertical mode.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Glasgow, Feb 28, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – 2020 has given grounds for many new artists to grow as more mainstream popular artists and such a matchless of 20 years, DOG3 is recently discovered when he produced a music video for his rap song 9 bullets‘ on YouTube this January. He is a truth seeker and he finds ways to show the world its reality through the musical flow and desolating words that uncovers unattractive and hideous societal verity. Being young with a soul full of aspirations can be difficult with impending failures on initial attempts but that’s how life teaches to come out strong and pursue a passion without a flinch.

Life has thought Liam gray, more famous with the stage name DOG3, not to chase after fool’s gold. This Glasgow rapper chooses to learn music through experiences and every emotional breakdown to get the right things to talk about with his dexterous rap songs. He got into music to find a peaceful space aloof from the touch of the outer world where he can think about the enigmatic realities of the world around him. He comes up with a unique idea of making his debut rap video for his supporters. ‘9 bullets’ is made in vertical mode with stunning black and white background and is produced by Dog3. The video is made in a simple way putting all the focus on him rapping his well-wrought verses depicting what troubles him. The intensity of the rap and word selection upholds his immensely mature artistry for 20 years old boy.  

He starts the grime music video with a voguish swag and dapper persona that initiates the ride to the hell in his mind. His screenplay is interesting enough to captivate the mind to listen to every word that is uttered from his mouth reflecting the truth of reality surrounding him. The title of the music video suggests the severity of what he presents to speak up his thoughts. His flow of music has a neoteric touch of the eclectic grime genre that separates him from the other newbie contemporary musicians of recent times. He started writing songs and let them flow freely with astonishing instrumentation that can change society’s outlook. He sings about pain, grief, insecurity, violence, and unrest that have changed him too. Check out the new video by the upcoming rapper on youtube.

Dog3’s  rap video ‘9 bullets’ hit on youtube :  

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