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4LGANG G5ive Aims Big With His Latest Youtube Venture ‘PDE’



4LGANG G5iVE provides the audience with an evident hint of the amount artistic capability and creative brilliance he possesses, through his latest release ‘PDE’.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Fairburn , Mar 5, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Enthralling bars, satisfying verses, laid-back synth, and an engaging soundscape – ‘PDE’ has offered the listeners the much-needed elements that have helped them in savoring the actual feel of the genre. The oscillating motion of the melody has taken the lead from the very beginning, helping the global audience traverse through structural intricacies. The Atlanta hip hop artist 4LGANG G5iVE has proved his worth through this track, surprising everyone with his fascinating performance. Providing the much-wanted depth to the musical development, the entire project gets fulfilled due to the presence of his artistic mind and the ultimate love for this particular genre. The bars have built the track for the other ingredients to prosper and paint the entire scenario with colors of rhythmical enchantment.  

The performance of the lead performer as well as AK4L is just breathtaking and hits the floor hard and that too with a long-lasting effect. The fusion of rap verses and the musical charm of the creator have provided the overall structure of PDE‘ with a dynamic flow. The multilayered backdrop stands tall amidst all the other elements, reaching out to the audience and ultimately alluring them to read through the lines of the lyricism. Progressing through the captivating beats, the track quickly takes a place in the hearts of the audience, swiftly reaching the zenith of musicality, and capitalizing on the moments of magnificence. The supremacy of the laid-back vibes is scintillating, making you listen to it over and over, and refusing to let go.

4LGANG G5iVE has poured creativity over the entire musical representation, accompanied by his impeccable artistry that is hard to find in today’s stagnant music industry. Pivoting the war-like scenario, presented through a paintball event, the music video compliments the lyricism pretty well. The underlying concept needs to be focused, in order to take a complete grasp of it. With each passing beat, the track grows to become irresistible – just the way, the fans had craved for. This track is creatively ahead of the artist’s previous tracks like ‘On My Own’ and ‘GANG SHIT’, which you can listen to on YouTube. Through this track, he has certainly broken the barriers of musicality that the people were bored. You can find and follow this awesome performer on Instagram to know about his upcoming performances.

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