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One of Hip Hop’s Most Outstanding Artists, Jayoh Impresses All with his Significant Ray Style


Hip hop Singer Jayoh

An artist with an unusual approach, Jayoh has been on a steadfast grind with his progression in the music world and his recent track ‘Came Up’ certainly adds fuel.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Deltona, Dec 30, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – Jayoh drops a new hip-hop hit fully enclosed with his new music approach that feels like one of the best additions ever made to the hip-hop world. The artist is aiming high with this record as it pours out his musical best by involving all exquisite melodic tunes under it. The rapper occupies his place in the song with his silky smooth flow that sits perfectly to offer energetic vibes that resonate well after the track finishes spinning. He can infuse all different sonic elements into his recent record ‘Came Upthat turns out to be one of the most sonically pleasing packages. Standing tall on the back of hard work, professionalism, and talent of the artist, the song has already stirred up many waves in the hip-hop industry with its unusual take on the genre.

Leaning with ease towards the smooth rhythms, the rapper has a relaxing voice that feeds all the good vibes in the listener and escalates the mood with its brilliantly soaked engaging, classic hip-hop. The track comes from the album Jota that encompasses few other similar exiting tracks like ‘Know Me’, ‘Time’, and ‘Tell It‘. The recent record ‘Came Up’ experiments with a lot of engaging sounds that doubles the mood of the song and steps out of the conventional repetitive tones.

Jayoh has a delivery that knows no bounds in terms of its pace and showcases a tremendous vigor with his natural confidence and ability. It’s a refreshing new alternative to the weight loaded hip-hop tracks of today and is now available on Spotify for full listen. 

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