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The Haunted North breaks out with new single ’21 Grams’. From the oncoming new album “Songs of the Dead”.


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Toledo, Mar 16, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – This is the first single from the upcoming new album “Songs of the Dead”, slated for June 20, 2020.

21 Grams is a song inspired by a study published in 1907 which hypothesized that souls have physical weight. This concept was embedded within the lyrics written by vocalist Randy V after the death of a close friend. He states, “Too many people simply get up, work, eat and go back to sleep, thinking of nothing but the next paycheck. This is a trap which negates the enjoyment of life. Freedom from this trap comes in the awareness of our mortality.” The song was recorded in 432 Hz frequency.
Driving music, powerful vocals, and trademark hooks merged in the band’s debut release, Monster (2018). Randy V & Sean Francis, along with ‘JD’ DeServio and Jeff Fabb of Black Label Society created crushing new groove rock that is as fresh as it is familiar.
Monster has the impact of a steamroller… straightforward, raw, with no pretence. These songs, seething with an attitude about determining one’s fate, challenging religious dogma, battling with codependency, and deciding how one lives and dies… are all in your face and undeniable.

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In 2017, Sean asked ‘JD’ and Jeff to lay down tracks for Monster. They agreed and writing began in early 2017. Sean sums up the project, “The winds of fate were working their magic. It was a perfect storm.” Randy relates, “These songs are raw, honest, & hard-hitting. Sean has written some truly great riffs and it was an honor working with JD and Jeff, true pros and exceptional players.”
In 2019, Sean recruited Andrew Aubut, who is described as a vicious progressive drummer, always in the pocket. The trio brought on hard-hitting bassist Marty Rubin to round out the new band. The new single, “21 Grams” reveals their freestyle writing and Randy states, “At this point in our lives, we’re not interested in rules. We have nothing to prove to anyone.”  THN stands out because, in a world where it’s all been done before, these men maintain their identities. That rare, pure authenticity is at the heart of their music.

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