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Did you know that Water Suppliers will refund you the difference in excess usage? Do the test, turn off all your water supply including washing machines, toilets, taps etc, take a photo from your water meter, wait 10 minutes and take another one. If the meter reading has changed, you have a leak.

Have you received a high Water Bill or notice from your Water Supplier that your bill is higher than usual. You have a water leak. Our Leak Detection Melbourne Specialist will perform a comprehensive investigation and provide recommendations for the next steps.

Hidden Water Leaks in Underfloor slab and walls can be very costly if not found immediately. Apart from water loss, the damage it will cause to timber flooring, framing, plaster, skirting boards etc. is extensive. We have the latest European Leak Detection Equipment including Electro-Acoustic, Trace A Gas and Thermal Imaging.

Have you noticed wet patches or water seeping from the ground around your property or a loss of water pressure? You may have a water leak. These are very common however, they can cause a lot of damage to yours and neighbouring properties. Sometimes they go unnoticed except for a spike in your water bill. We attend so many sites where the damage from a leak is on a neighbouring property.

Have you noticed bulging architraves or door frames, mould, peeling paint, bulging plaster in your walls and ceiling, you may have a Bathroom or shower leak. We attend so many jobs where customers are advised that their waterproofing has failed and a full renovation is required. But in so many cases a simple re-grout and caulking will solve the problem. Leak Detection is an acquired skill through years of experience and we have tests and procedures that provide demonstrated evidence. We include this evidence in our detailed reports for your insurance claim.

Gas Leaks are tricky and potentially very dangerous. You can’t see them and in many cases, you can’t smell them. Sometimes a pilot light constantly going out or flickering flame on your stove might be an indication that you have a gas leak.

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