Khloe Kardashian looks impressed with her independent little lady feeding her doll


Image Credits – Celebrity Insider

It seems that Khloe Kardashian can’t get enough of her daughter True’s antics during her quarantine as she shared some of her most cutest and adorable moments with her millions of followers.

KUWK: Khloe Kardashian Shares Cute Video Of Her ‘Independent Lady’ Play-Feeding Her Doll!

This time True was seen being her adorable and independent self as she was playing around with her doll and also fed her breakfast to which Khloe seemed to be very proud.

This was a very precious moment for the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star which she thankfully chose to share on social media.

The post caught Khloe’s follower’s attention immediately as they all just melted away with True’s cuteness.

As it always happens that any post uploaded by Khloe that features True brightens her follower’s days and this was no different.

With the terror of COVID-19 ringing everywhere, amongst every other individual, the mother-daughter duo has also been compelled to stay indoors. But thanks to their massive backyard that helps them a lot to cope up with the situation as they can breathe in plenty of fresh air and also have the space to run around outside. This way they can also be far away from anyone else practicing social distancing these days.

The post made sure that True captured everyone’s heart as she was feeding her doll some breakfast in front of a massive playhouse.

The doll also seemed to enjoy its chair and True made sure that she hoists the chair across the grass. This move by her daughter left Khloe heavily impressed.

And when it comes to what the doll got to eat, well they were all delicious looking items but fake of course. But it’s not difficult to imagine something good with a vivid imagination.

True was seen wearing orange pajamas which were paired with a pair of white socks and black shoes that made her look even more adorable than she already is while carrying out her outdoors play session.

Added to this, in one of her IG stories, Khloe was seen holding her child in her arms with a butterfly filter on. This was something which amused Khloe as she could not just hold back her delighted giggle.

Khloe captioned the cute clip stating that an independent little day is in her hands.


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