T.I.’s Daughter Deyjah Discusses Her Journey Through Mental Health Struggles, Self-Harm And Suicidal Thoughts On YouTube


Image Credits – Up News Info

Hip hop mogul T.I.’s daughter is winning hearts on the internet with her latest brave video expressing personal thoughts. The young girl pours her heart out on her very first YouTube video voicing the important matter of mental health issues.

T.I.’s Daughter Deyjah opens up about her struggle with depression, self-harm and suicidal thoughts in candid video! She clarifies in the video that she has been facing mental health issues since she was only 11 years old. This had been a huge part of her life affecting her for years. And now she is ready to open up facing her fears.

Though she had deleted her Instagram account earlier, in November last year, she is now back on it and promoting her YouTube video through the account.

Describing her struggle through anxiety and depression she said her fight with mental health started when she was bullied in school in the sixth grade. This caused her to struggle with low self-esteem and depression. She explains in her YouTube video, ‘I started to struggle with understanding what it was I was feeling and definitely knew I was not able to express what it was I was going through.’

Deyjah grimly admitted that in order to deal with the mental stress opted to self-harm at the age of 11. She said that to cope with the pressure she started inflicting self-harm as she lacked proper knowledge and support. And as she could not improve the situation she started having repeated suicidal thoughts. Now she sees the unhealthy impact of those events in her life and thrives for betterment.

Determined to break through this situation she states that even though things get tough sometimes for her it cannot portray her as ‘less remarkable or unable to live a healthy lifestyle.’
She ended the video with positive advice on dealing with anxiety and depression.


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