Tamar Braxton revealed about the life-changing experience since the start of online school


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It has revealed by Tamar Braxton that how a positive change has happened compared to the couch life which has been a boring experience for her since the time her son, Logan who is also known as Beans started with his online school. A message that has been shared by her on her social media profile has been given below.

She also mentioned that she has been a better person yesterday. Her couch life during the quarantine period has been fantastic and she has been living it to the fullest. All-day she has been eating whatever she wanted and busy tick-tocking. She said now beans have started with his online school and it seemed to her that she has also relegated to the first grade and has been getting such school-going vibes throughout the day. She also exclaimed that it is of no help and a real difficulty to have a child very much like her who is already done with it and repeatedly keeps on saying the phrase pay it almost after every answer. She beseeched by saying that she wants to get back to her couch life and prayed to Jesus by saying that she will never complain of getting bored. This is what the caption by Tamar read. Tamar Braxton Reveals How Life Changed Since Online School Started.

According to an anonymous fan who said that she is very much a mother, right. The fan said that all this was done by her nanny who used to come and do it for him when he was not ready and unable to do it for himself. It has been posted by another follower that she is very much in love with Tamar Braxton and has been waiting with bated breath for the release of her new album that will be releasing any time soon.

Another fan also posted a comment saying that she very much agrees with the star. The fan also said that sometimes he had to make calls in between the stay at home during the quarantine period while he is working. Another follower also made an interesting comment where he posted that he can understand the problem of the Pisces. Tamar Braxton is one of them who has been running out of patience for almost everything that is going around her. The fan also added that his kid who is 12 years old has been trying out his patience like anything and has been killing his well being for the very first week of the homeschooling that started. So he had to make some rapid changes while dealing with his son.

It has also been said by other fans asking the star to leave her son with all the devices that are his own and leave him with whatever he is up to. Whenever the situation arises raise your hands and come up with the questions asking for the reason. It has been posted by another fan on her social media account along with a message which goes like that the star’s son wants to give her a run for her money to get the right answers.

According to a backer of Tamar Braxton, who said to the star that instead of calling up all these different numbers, she could very easily appoint him by giving him some money so that he does the work for the star. According to the fan he who pointed out to Logan by saying that school is very much a job and one should be serious about it. According to another follower, who was very annoyed and posted that he is very much by the side of Tamar Braxton. He also said that he has just graduated and he is also back in the first grade while teaching her daughter with the start of the online school.

In one of the different news that came out, a juicy video has been posted by Tamar on the social media account that she has where she can be seen dancing like there is no tomorrow and she has been doing this in front of the camera.

Her attractive moves have been flaunted by her as she was wearing a very tiny outfit as her fans kept on drooling over it.


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