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The Female Indie-Pop Artist Raephantom Marks a Stunning Debut with the Track ‘Into Forever’



Alternative, stunning, and experimental – these three words perfectly describe the debut single of Raephantom.  The music has its own rules and flows according to that. This track has perfectly encapsulated the intentions of the creator. The nature of artistry is of the highest quality here, implying the magnificence of the creative brilliance of the artist. There are more than enough moments present in Into Forever that can hold your attention from the beginning to the end. It captures the affection of the audience from the start through the fascinating and soul-soaking vocal performance of the talented Female indie-pop artist Raephantom.

The melody is mesmerizing here, keeping things exciting throughout the flow of the track, providing the audience with an array of intense and personal lyricism. The organic and unique backdrop of the track introduces the audience to a blissful cinematic journey that invites them to get drowned within the ocean of creative brilliance. ‘Into Forever’ has been presented through a fines balance between calmness and intensity. The artistry here is supreme, smooth yet commendable. The well-placed ingredients of the track have made the entire premise memorable and worth experiencing more than a hundred times.

Into Forever

The groove of the track is intense yet enjoyable, providing a sense of character to the collection of some of the richest ingredients of the genre. The moments will help you connect to the artist and go through the escapism. The introductory moments have been provided with a deep sense of individualism, which has led the entire track. Raephantom has stolen the show here with her captivating performance. You can never take your ears off or press pause on this track; the awesomeness needs to be cherished through each of the moments. Keep listening to more from the artist on SoundCloud. Also, follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, for more information.


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