Old Oscar gowns that are hated are sold by Gwyneth Paltrow towards charity for coronavirus relief


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According to reports by Page Six that came out earlier today, mentioned that Gwyneth Paltrow was doing her bit to serve in the fight against the deadly COVID-19. The news outlet was smart enough to pick on an important announcement from the actress of Contagion, in which it has been revealed by her that donations have been made by her to a relief fund for the coronavirus.

According to more reports, the gown has been auctioned by the actress which she wore 20 years ago at the Oscar ceremony. Gwyneth Paltrow also took part in the All-In challenge by Leonardo DiCaprio, which has allowed the fans to win and have a feel of the experiences of their favorite celebrities. Gwyneth Paltrow Sells Old Hated Oscars Gown To Charity For Coronavirus Relief.

The contribution made by Paltrow was the auctioning of her dress from Calvin Klein that she wore in the Academy Awards in the year 2000. She has helped various communities in the USA and it has been claimed by the entrepreneur that she made a fitting contribution because almost all of the fashion trends from the decade of ’90s are coming back in style and fashion currently.

These are pretty much contrasting comments to some of the remarks made by her before this, nevertheless, in those situations, she has been claiming that the outfit which is a designer one is not a very special one and it is pretty much boring. It has also been claimed by Paltrow in the past that it was one of her worst outfits ever that she wore. She described the outfit as just a simple okay one.

The fans were not especially thrilled particularly on social media about the idea concerning the donation of a dress. In particular, it has been stated by one person that the whole idea is an absolute joke and she was not supposed to donate for charity only and that too for a dress that she sold that is no longer cherished by her.

It has been claimed by another person that a COVID-19 challenge has been started by his uncle so that people can be helped out who are in desperate need of assistance. At this time, Paltrow was speaking about the dresses from Calvin Klein which is not the need of the hour and such unnecessary things should not be spoken and rather avoided. There was no stopping in the flow comments at that point either as it was added by another user that just a simple donation should have been made by her instead of giving away a dress that she will no longer going to wear in the future.

Whether or not, the dress is worthy of donation as many other users of social media came in to bat for Paltrow and speak in favor of the actress and stated the fact that what she has been doing is the right thing. Irrespective of the merit of the dress that seems ostensible, this is not going to be the first time where a celebrity chipped in and offered their help to the whole world in their fight against the deadly pandemic due to COVID-19.

A donation of $1 million has been recently announced by Ellen DeGeneres towards one of the relief funds for Coronavirus. It has been revealed as well by Matthew McConaughey that he was interested in going for a football game at the University of Texas with one of their lucky fans.

The proceeds that will come from the auction will go to various and different charities that include the Meals on Wheels, No Kid Hungry, The World Central Kitchen, and America’s Food Fund.


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