Corey Feldman was flabbergasted to find out his movie premiere was hacked and released a video of the moment


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Corey Feldman released the video of the exact moment when he understood his movie premiere was being hacked all along. This video has become a noisemaker lately apart from the increasing death numbers from Coronavirus. It was March 9, 2020 when his long-awaited documentary (My) Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys at LA’s Director’s Guild was being premiered. It was thought to be the show of the year with its ground-breaking gist. But the internet became a tinderbox when Corey Feldman Releases Video Of Exact Moment He Found Out His Movie Premiere Was Hacked. The premiere had a unique gesture of the decade, with having live-streaming the premiere was going on online and all the celebrities and journalists who bought the tickets for the premiere would have access to the link of the live streaming online. It had a novel gesture to drop the much-talked documentary at the time when the whole world is living a secluded life and the war can be won in the division, to let the people roll some good time at their home and still be a part of the epic moment in the history. Corey Feldman even made a panel to answer directly to the questions of the audience from the live Twitter event he organized for the film.

All his epic plans to put up a grand show vanished into thin smoke after the premiere was hacked.

The premiere was going on alongside the live streaming of the film on the website but to his surprise, he noted that his website had crashed several times. That was the red flag that egged on him to persuade his team to investigate the reason. The team confirmed his website was hacked and the hackers halted the film from getting aired as planned. The audiences were issued with the problem immediately on MyTruthDoc.com site.

It is assumed that the whole thing is hacked as a measure taken to silence Corey Feldman from revealing his truth and stopped every means of streaming the movie by a pedophile channel.

While he was on the stage, he could not stop talking about the hacked incident as soon as he found out his website was crushed. He shared the video while he spoke about it on a live video for the (My) Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys premiere.

After the interrupted live session, he released the documentary film on the live streaming platform the next day. It was available for one week for all the viewers who missed the opportunity to watch it at the premiere.

He released the film for the second time on April 22, 2020, and the tickets all sold-out in moments.


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