Larry Legend aka Switcha takes an Unusual Approach to Lament his Hip Hop Artistry and Wins Explicitly


Larry Legend aka Switcha

Larry Legend aka Switcha kicks out his artistry in the musical landscape with a hardcore rap style that makes the audience believe in his genuinity. The artist’s music feels inclusive and that every hip-hop lover can participate in his creation. What sprinkles the song with an attractive flavor is the rapper’s unique way of delivering the words that makes the songs even more introspective and intriguing. Certainly not like the average hip-hop tracks, the songs urge the listener for repeated listens while they remain hooked to the refreshing style and twisted rap path. From the classic confidence which the rapper portrays while introducing the tracks, the energy remains high and progresses to offer a quickly catchy and surprisingly melodic hook vocal.

Musically there are different sections in his tracks that are outlined with impressive words. Flawless poetry, and also the artist’s personal touch to his creations. The highly engaging feature of his tracks lies with the clean yet powerful vocals that uplift the mood of the music exponentially. Few tracks in which the rapper has wonderfully highlighted his commendable artistry are Legend freestyle song’, ‘true stories freestyle’, ‘Or Nah Remix Snippet Mixtape’, andLikeAMissle. The freestyle rap and the catchy electronic music is extremely groovy and implements Larry Legend aka Switcha’s smooth delivery in the listener’s senses. The artist always raps in a fixed and impressive tempo and never goes out of the melody.

The strongly crafted tracks are an example of what the hip-hop industry can expect in the coming years as the artist has just landed in the genre to raise the bar. His fitting mainstream compositions speak of his struggle, his experiences, and the love he holds for his loved ones. By channeling everything skillfully, the artist hits refreshingly. Listen to all the songs on Soundcloud and YouTube now, and to know more about his upcoming updates follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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