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Steve Bridgemon Has Belted Out Exquisite Tunes of the Country Genre in the Track ‘Patiently Waiting’


Steve Bridgmon

Steve Bridgemon has etched out a brilliant niche in the country genre with the song ‘Patiently Waiting’. There is a gush of fine melody on the beautiful track.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Nashville, Apr 30, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Steve Bridgemon, is a phenomenal singer who is based out of Nashville in Tennessee. He has come up with magnificent track ‘Patiently Waiting’ in the country and the Christian music genre. He owns a couple of avant-garde production house called ‘Bowtie Country‘ and ‘FunHouse Studios‘ with futuristic facilities. His sister is battling cancer and the singer has dedicated this song to her from his popular album ‘Push Back‘. The splendid tunes touch the innermost core of the audience. He has come up with many chartbusters and is a popular figure in the musical arena of his city. You can get logged into Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profile of the musician to catch a glimpse of his latest happenings.

In the song Patiently Waiting by the prolific Steve Bridgemon there is a refreshing aura with timeless melody. The hook reflects the pathos with the most loving nature that connects and reaches out to an eclectic audience. He has played his part in the current events like Grand Old Opry House thrice and twice in Anthem for Los Angeles Lakers. You can plug into major music streaming sites like Spotify to listen to his incredible and marvelous songs.

In the splendid track by the stupendous singer, there is an organic and soulful melody that is unique. The modern-day sounds are stylish and have got the softness with a calming effect. The gentleness and purity reveal the inherent pain. He has dished out some remarkable tracks like ‘Here in Neverland’, ‘Lean into Me’, ‘Didn’t We Burn’ and ‘If You Believe It’.   

Please visit here to listen to the song :https://open.spotify.com/track/4iOaTvxK5FzQWz1qxtyL6z


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