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Los Angeles Composer Jonny Sun Quest has Set Benchmark Standards with his Performance in ‘April Tracks’


Jonny Sun Quest

The talented artist Jonny Sun Quest has taken the international music industry towards new directions with immense love and passion for music-making. The atmosphere around his recent releases is a sonic treat for the audience and laden with creative artistry. The melodic progression of his tracks has brought in a sense of intensity and power, introducing a completely different side of the artist’s creative abilities. He has enthralled everyone with his latest playlist, titled April Tracks’. His impeccable music-making skills have captured the hearts of the audience. The more one progresses into the collection, the more magnificent the premise and the impact gets.

Beginning with the track, ‘Madclown’, the musical project sets off on a musical adventure, which serves as the perfect opener. The individuality of the introductory track certainly increases the expectations of the audience for the following tracks. ‘Icicles’ and ‘Hungarian Minors’, on the other hand, are bewitching for the very start. The sound design hits hard and the consistent effects make the entire presentation more majestic. The artistic skills of the artist get pretty evident with the tracks, ‘Vapors’, ‘Seven Sandstorms’, ‘Sun Blown’, and ‘Stockholm’. These tracks are the epitome of the cinematic ambiance around the arrangement of ‘April Tracks’. 

April Tracks

Thenthe tracks ‘Cardinal Dream’ and ‘Lullaby’ take on the charge and build upon the strength of the arrangement of the entire collection. Engineered with pure professionalism and creativity, the collection then goes on to enthrall the audience with the concluding tracks, ‘Lost Control’ and ‘Kaleidoscope’. The bars and beats of these tracks have helped in magnifying the impact of the collection. All the 11 tracks of the project are the summit of creativity for Jonny Sun Quest. The audience can listen to more tracks from the gifted artist through the digital music streaming platform of SoundCloud.


Listen to all tracks under the playlist ‘April Tracks’, visit below link:



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