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Canio Rosario Maffucci has published and composed the mesmerizing instrumental track ‘Hirpinia’


Canio Rosario Maffucci is an accomplished Italian music producer and publisher. He has belted out the splendid virtual version of the instrumental track ‘Hirpinia’.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Anzio, May 5, 2020 ( – A fascinating instrumental track has been dished out by the gifted music producer and publisher Canio Rosario Maffucci. The instrumental number is a virtual version of Hirpinia‘ that has incorporated sounds from various genres that have given it an eclectic appeal. The professional composer and musician hail from Naples in Italy. He is coming up with this brilliant project that will promote his region in Southern Italy. He has based his track on the place which primarily happens to be the homeland of 3 DOCG wines and Tarantella. The producer is born in Avellino and is based out of the Calitri province. He happens to be the descendant of Antonio Corbisiero who has been an opera composer in King of Naples’s court along with his brother Francesco who happened to be the organist as part of the king’s Chapel.

The label owner Canio Rosario Maffucci who has belted out the mind-blowing track ‘Hirpinia’ owns a futuristic production house called ‘Italian World Music’ with avant-garde facilities. He has been a student of music and got a graduation degree from the reputed Conservatory in Piano where he also learned about composition, counterpoint, and studied intricacies of the organ. He has also been a member of the Board of Directors for 10 years at the Italian Association of Producers/Labels. He is a part of the popular brand ‘Hirpinia Tarantella’. $#@ Hz tuning is used to record music over here which is very similar to the way followed by Carlo Gesualdo who is an ancient madrigalist and the prince of Calitri. A new brand called ‘Sonos Music Records’ is launched by him. It gives the artists the benefits of digital revenue, mechanical rights, and publishing share on copyrights in sumptuous proportions. He has also partnered with Bologna’s IRMA records.  

In the virtual version of the instrumental track by the illustrious composer and producer, there is an immersive vibe that creates a dreamy aura. The number is blissfully impressive with impeccable composition. The audio intricacies and the rhythm is immaculate. You can log on to popular music streaming apps like Spotify to listen to the incredible and stunning instrumental tunes.

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