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Artificial Intelligence is Becoming the Future of Investment Platforms


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Mahe, May 13, 2020 ( – Artificial Intelligence (AI) will give investors the advantage of pre-calculated options, bringing down risks of investments, says Geordie Keelan, Founder and Managing Director of Cropean Trade.

How can AI help in investment decisions? And if there are challenges, how does your platform help to resolve those challenges?

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As to why investors in general need AI, there are enormous amounts of data out there, and there is an ongoing battle over that available data. The industry as a whole now produces all kinds of data-based financial reporting and statements, and investors and industry players alike can buy really well-structured data as a result. AI has the ability to study massive amounts of this data and identify patterns.

Let us assume we identified a stock pattern today, and we want to figure out what to do next: buy or sell.  AI can find somewhat similar patterns that existed in history and then analyze what happened right after. Knowing what happened after the pattern in the past may suggest what may happen in the future from today.

How Bots Are Altering the Future of Enterprise

We can identify patterns for stocks, indices, commodities and even currencies. With that said, some patterns will not work for certain stocks; that is why people need a complete picture, including discovery, testing, and a presentation of results.

What if there is a challenge and if they are having a problem identifying the patterns? How does then AI support this kind of investor?

Challenges can also be patterns. Let us assume there is a significant drop in the market today; AI can go back through historical data and find similar significant drops in the market to come to pattern-based conclusions, such as which particular stocks continue to go down and which stocks tend to quickly bounce back. And in that regard, AI helps to solve the challenges in conjunction with human involvement, where humans can take these signals and use them for making better trading decisions.

Are there any security challenges in data processing of this type?

Data security challenges are the same whether AI is involved or not – you have to be secure either way. With that said, you do need to protect against the black swans – when something unexpected happens, and the AI can react and perform a problematic money maneuver.

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